Interlift 2019, our success in figures


Are simple numbers enough to measure the success on an international event?
May these figures describe results that exceed all expectations?
May they form an accurate picture of the constant and engaged flow of visitors?

4 days, 5 installations, an average of 25 travels per hour, 4200 travels in all, and the continued participation of customers as the thermometer of an unprecedented success in an extremely competitive business environment.

If there are rules applying to success, IGV met them all.

The feeling of a real hit was already perceptible over the exhibition days.

Starting from the booth welcoming new and old clients just like a temple. And they were pampered by our team in a never-ending whirlwind of meetings and encounters.

And now? Let’s confess it. It is time to drain the adrenaline of those days. No, it’s not because of too much coffee.

You know, sometimes success goes to the head.